Land in Verkauf bis Racale - Torre Suda € 100.000

TORRE SUDA, in the central area and just 250 meters from the sea, we offer for sale Residential Land of approximately 822 square meters, falling within the Building Plan of the Municipality of Racale in the F / Speciale area, while in the new P.U.G. in the "Small Residential Fabric" area.

Torre Suda is the coastal part of Racale (far 5 km from it) situated in the province of Lecce (50 km far from Torre Suda). Located on the south-west of Salento, its name derives from its tower built in the XVI century, high 13.5 meters. The coast in the nearby is a rocky one (low cliff) and the urban center has developed around the tower, where during summer lots of people gather. Many events take place in the hottest months of the year : concerts, fairs, local parties, sport and dance events, food meeting and night parties. The sandy beaches of Ugento are far 14 km from it (Lido Sabbioso, Lido Cocoloco) whereas the Gallipoli ones (Punta della Suina, Lido Pizzo) are far only 6km.

Racale (pronounced Ràcale) is a thriving, well-served, thriving town in the province of Lecce, 51 km away, in Puglia.
It also includes the coastal town of Torre Suda which is part of it, just 5 km away. A marina with a rocky coast and low and very populated and active during the summer season, with various events to cheer tourists (concerts, festivals, theater performances, entertainment ...). Located in the lower Salento area, it is 15 km from Gallipoli, 6 km from the Ionian Sea and borders to the north with the municipality of Taviano, to the east with the municipalities of Melissano and Ugento, to the south with the municipality of Alliste.

Distance to the sea: Torre Suda at about 5 km
Railway Station: Racale "Gallipoli-Casarano Line of the South East Railways"
Health services: Casarano Hospital 10 km; Gallipoli Hospital 13 km away
Airport: Salento Airport (Brindisi), 103 km away
Tourist port: Porto Torre San Giovanni at 10 km; Porto Gallipoli at 15 km


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