Land on sale to Racale € 92.000

Racale, in a residential area, we sell agricultural land totaling 16,747 square meters.
The land is completely fenced and there are several olive trees, some of them centuries old, as well as a well and irrigation system.

Racale (Ràcale) is a prosperous village in the province of Lecce, far only 51 km from it.
It also inglobes the town of Torre Suda far 5 km. The coast in the nearby is a rocky one (low cliff) and the urban center has developed around the tower, where during summer lots of people gather. Many events take place in the hottest months of the year : concerts, fairs, local parties, sport and dance events, food meeting and night parties.
It is far only 15 km from Gallipoli, 6 km from the Ionian sea and it borders with Taviano. On the east it is bordered by Melissano and Ugento, on te south with Alliste.

Sea: Torre Suda a 5 km circa
Train station: Racale “Linea Gallipoli-Casarano delle Ferrovie del Sud Est”
Hospital: Ospedale Casarano a 10 km; Ospedale Gallipoli a 13 km
Airport: Areoporto del Salento (Brindisi) a 103 km
Harbour: Porto Torre San Giovanni a 10 km; Porto Gallipoli a 15 km


Reference code:739
Year of construction:0
Square meters:16747
Energy class:
Non soggetto a classificazione energetica I.P.E. n.s.