Rustic on sale to Racale € 135.000

In the countryside between Racale and the Marina di Torre Suda, we sell land covering a total of approximately 20,772 square meters, with a large trullo of very old construction consisting of two rooms internally connected to each other, which occupy an overall surface area of 84 square meters and a useful internal surface of about 25 square meters in total. The lot is about 1.5 km from the sea; in fact, it is possible to enjoy a good view of the Ionian sea, already from the ground level. The construction of the cottage has the typical characteristics of the Salento "caseddhi": at the entrance of the trullo we find the area that was reserved for the pergola (so as to be able to protect from the hot summer sun), the barbecue of the past made of stone and a small room that was dedicated to the shelter of animals. In addition, there are two large stone cisterns partially underground, which were used for the collection of rainwater and were useful for the water supply to the ground.

Torre Suda is the coastal part of Racale (far 5 km from it) situated in the province of Lecce (50 km far from Torre Suda). Located on the south-west of Salento, its name derives from its tower built in the XVI century, high 13.5 meters. The coast in the nearby is a rocky one (low cliff) and the urban center has developed around the tower, where during summer lots of people gather. Many events take place in the hottest months of the year : concerts, fairs, local parties, sport and dance events, food meeting and night parties. The sandy beaches of Ugento are far 14 km from it (Lido Sabbioso, Lido Cocoloco) whereas the Gallipoli ones (Punta della Suina, Lido Pizzo) are far only 6km.

Bus stop (Salento in Bus): Torre Suda: via L. Rizzo (Bar della Torre)
Train station: Racale “Linea Gallipoli-Casarano delle Ferrovie del Sud Est”
Hospital: Casarano, 14 kms; Gallipoli, 14 kms
Airport: Aeroporto del Salento (Brindisi) a 99 kms
Harbour: Torre San Giovanni, a 14 kms; Gallipoli, 14 kms


Reference code:M886
View:sea view
Year of construction:ante 1967
Square meters:84
Energy class:
Non soggetto a classificazione energetica I.P.E. n.s.